Half Done! It Will Be The Largest In The Region

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Turkey's efforts to improve the Firat Kalkanı Operation Region, which it has initiated to provide border security, continue at a rapid pace. Turkey, which is hospitalized in Cerablus and Azez, is continuing the construction of a 200-bed hospital to be built in El Bab. 50 percent of El Bab Hospital construction, the largest of the region, has been completed. The hospital is scheduled to open until March 2018.


Approximately 1,200 Syrian doctors applied to the Ministry of Health to 600 experts who took refuge in Turkey until August when we were in hospital to work in these hospitals. According to information obtained, 700 of these physicians were assigned to resident hospitals, field hospitals and health centers established in the region. Most of the doctors and nurses working in hospitals are made up of Syrian personnel. Turkey also pays the salaries of health personnel.


When El Bab Hospital is completed, it will provide health services to Syrian citizens with 3 hospitals with a total of 300 beds in the region of Turkey. Heavier patients who can not be cured only through hospitals' full activity will come to Turkey for treatment under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. In this way, it is aimed to reduce the burden of health service and the transition from border to the refugees in the border cities.


Health Minister Ahmet Demircan made an explanation that 152 thousand 230 hospitals were built in Syria. 

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