Here Are 20-Year Housing Projects And The Names Of Banks That Give Loans For These Projects

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The republic of Turkey wants to look forward to the future with a more hopeful future. In this context, the country continues to make continuous improvements in terms of both economic stability and peace and prosperity in the country. Within studies, a new regulation on housing loans has emerged. In particular, in major cities, projects were demanding more than small cities and the demand for projects were slightly higher. But with a new arrangement the government has decided to increase the number of maturities in large cities in housing loans. Within the scope of this decision, it will be possible to host with 20 years maturity in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa.

According to the old law, the maximum number of home loans with a maturity of 10 months or 120 months has been increased. Now those who want to be a big city owner can buy a house with a term of 240 months. Turkey’s 9 giant banks are offering support to projects that Real Estate Housing REIT has prepared.Real Estate Housing REIT provides 24 hours a day for you to get support for the houses and projects that you can buy within the scope of the projects. GarantiBankası, TürkiyeİşBankası, VakıfKatılım, YapıKrediBankası, Halkbank, Albaraka, ZiraatKatılımBankası, ZiraatBankası, Vakıfbank.  This is the list of Turkish banks that provide credits. Credit interest rates are set at 0.70. No matter how intense the demand is within the scope of the project, there will be no raise.

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