Hidden Garden İzmir Built In Bornova

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The Hidden Garden project, which has been passed down by Ramsa Yapı, is being built in İzmir Bornova. The project, which consists of 76 dailies, is gathering a single floor with floor + 11 floors. The project, in which 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 duplex apartment options are sold, is equipped with smart home systems.


Floor size;

2+1 Gross 114 square meters of apartments can vary between 92 in the Project

3+1 apartments, 158 square meters of gross

4+1 187 square meters sized duplex is designed.


Apartment prices

2+1 apartments of 355 thousand were sold in the project where prices in Turkish Lira,

3+1 apartments starting from 538 thousand Turkish Lira

4+1 apartments starting from 790 thousand Turkish Lira will be sold at.

In the project planned for the housing deliveries to be realized in July 2019; One acre of green space, walking paths, a mobile cinema and a fitness room.

Saved Garden Project, which can be used for credit by paying 30% down payment and also offers personal payment options; Located 5 minutes from İzmir bus station and 4 minutes from Forum Bornova.


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