Home Period Starts in Square Meters

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First issue in real estate certificates in 2017. citizens will be able to house a square meter square meter With  system expected to start at the Kayabaşı project of MHDA’s.


First export in 2017

The real estate certification system is starting which will make it easier for a citizen who has little experience to buy a house. Square meter for the certificate system that will open the way to the sale of home market Istanbul, the Capital Markets Board and the Central Registry Agency came to a final stage in preparation. According to the information obtained, the system will first be initiated by the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (MHDA) Kayabaşı project. In the first quarter of next year, the real estate certificate is planned to be offered to the public in Stock Exchange Istanbul. On the investment banking side, it is stated that Vakıf Yatırım may be one of the institutions that will complete the preparations for the subject and realize the first export.

How The System Will Process?

For example, the contractor who performs the construction project will issue a certificate to a certain part of the project. One each square meters of certificates will be created. Considering the location of the apartments, the solid, the front, and the honor, how many certificates will be taken at the end of the project will be determined. Project to be offered to public. Citizens will go to the stock market according to their savings and buy from these certificates.

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