Home Rental Rate Calculation

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With the Yİ-ÜFE figures for the month of December 2016 being clear, calculations of office and residential rent increases can be made and the increase that will be valid for one year as of January 2017 will be calculated. Thus, the numbers that will end the debate on the rate of increase between homeowners and tenants during the new year 2017 are certain. With the announcement of the inflation figures, the citizens who will raise the rent as of today and will be increased in the future can increase the rent by going out on these figures. Will increase the rent in the residence According to the following calculation in January 2017 will calculate the annual YI-UFE rate of hike

announcement-of-the -inflation

With the announcement of inflation data for December 2016, the rent increase rate became clear. Turkey Statistical Institute will determine the figures for the rate of increase in rents to be implemented in houses, stores and offices in January, at workplaces The rent increase rate of January 2017, which the tenants and the renters had been curiously waiting for, became apparent. Rental growth will be based on 12-month average percentage


The New Debt Act does not explain how to calculate the rate of change in the UFE to be taken into account in the previous year of rent. However, the decisions of the Court of Cassation are available. 6. In the decision taken by the Law Office, “Rent increase should be determined according to the increase rate in the producer price index (12 months average)”, it is certain how the rent increase will be made.


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