Home Sales To Foreigners Exploded In The First Two Months…

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In accordance with the “Law of Reciprocity”, in the first two months of 2016, housing sales to foreigners totaled 3047 actual units. Compared to last year’s figures, %14,6 indicating that half of the sales in housing sales are made to the citizens of Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.


According to the data of Turkish Statistical Institute, the sale of housing that occurred in the month of February, 1585 pieces. In 2015 this figure; it was the custom in 1369. These figures shows that the interest of foreigners in Turkey is increasing.


By the Law of Reciprocity since 2012, foreign nationals can purchase immovable property in Turkey without the requirement of reciprocity.

The purchase and sale of real estate to foreigners there are two conditions that are applied on; foreigners in Turkey, they can buy maximum of 30 hectares land and they can’t take property from military zones and security zones.


They prefer to foreigners in housing purchases in the first place in Istanbul. Then, respectively, Antalya, Bursa and Sakarya. Compared with last year’s figures, showing the highest increase in the first 2 months in Trabzon province. Housing in Trabzon sales 313% increased.


Total home sales of 51.3% was made to the citizens of Arab countries. These countries, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are performed. In the month of February compared to the same month of last year the country with the highest number of home sales increasing 327% in Afghanistan, while countries that are experiencing a decline, with maximum 48% respectively in the UK and due to the political tension, Russia was at 38.5 percent.


Foreigners, the Syrian war and the recent terrorist events in spite of increasingly vehement, reasons to prefer Turkey for acquiring property, climate, surrounding, geographical location, robust economic structure, religious affinities and natural beauty is shown as.

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