Homeownership 2023 target must be 75 percent

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In the construction sector in developing and growing Turkey, the 2023 goal of homeownership is required to identify at least 75 percent was recorded.

Turkey ranks first in home sales in Europe. Turkey, has 60 percent homeownership rate, still lags behind European countries especially eastern bloc in making their own citizens homeowners.

Bekir Karahasanoğlu, Chairman of BEKAŞ Construction, who has been producing housing in the construction sector since about 25 years, stated that the rate of housing ownership has increased compared to the previous years due to applied urban transformation policies, meeting all expectations of new generation housing and ease of payment on housing loans.

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The biggest dream of the Turkish people to be a homeowner

Karahasanoglu emphasized that one of the greatest dreams of the Turkish people, is to "have a roof over their head ", said:

"Being a home owner has an important place in our community psychology. Until today, our society has suffered materially and spiritually. We have experienced economic crises, scarcities and political balances that have changed in one night. These situations led the Turkish people to make moves that would make them feel safe for life. The most important factor in this is to be a homeowner. The current rate of 60% home ownership must be at least 75% for 2023. Existing stocks can provide that dizzying speed in urban transformation work. We believe that the government will contribute to reaching this picture which we desire in the 100th year of the Republic by making discounts on housing loans and activating factors that encourage housing purchases”

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