Hotel Investments Are Not Just Constructions

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In January 2017 hotel investments had setbacks. Hotel investments decreased 19% but amount of projects increased 11%. With the leadership of Trabzon, Anatolian investment market movement extended a little in some cities in this region..

President of Hotel Association of Turkey (TÜROB) Timur Bayındır pointed out that hotel investments in Anatolian region should not be considered as constructional investments and the entrepreneurs should make a healthy market analysis before they invest their money on tourism and hotel businesses.


“Right Feasibility Study Is Important”

Bayındır pointed out that the slowing process continues in tourism investments since last year and he said, “We keep still think that there is no need to invest on more new capacity investments in tourism centers like Antalya and Istanbul. There should be  restoration investments, not new tourism business investments and incentives should arrenge up on this concept. But at this point, there should be healthy market analysis, tourism investments should not be considered as constructional investments. For this investments to become succesful they should be managed with right feasibility perspective.”

Experts say that in tourism and hotel business management, constructional costs are very important but these businesses are not just some featureless buildings. They create domestic and international income for countries, employment opportunuties, tourist destinations. In the light of the fact that tourism is one of the biggest revenues of Turkey, all entrepreneurs should make researches on feasibilities, market conditions, risk analysis and need areas.

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