House 150 Thousand TL For Pensions !

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Retired people will be able to get their houses starting from 250 liras, 300 liras in the second spring ‘s campaigns, in cities with TOKİ, houses to be built on the 2 + 1 plan, will be taken through the banks. The pensioners will show their identity cards and apply for 500 pounds. Drawings will be drawn for collecting houses after the front claims. • After the quarry, a contract will be signed with the retired people. The homeowner who will take home must not be a residence for himself or his wife. In addition, the household income should be at most 3200 TL. Being sitting at home for at least 1 year is also among the conditions.


Details of the 65,000 social dwellings that the Prime Ministry Housing Authority (TOKI) will build in 2017 are clear. TOKİ, who has signed gigantic projects in Turkey with the goal of ‘Make everyone a home’, will build 15 thousand residential buildings in 2017. Narrow incomes and retirees could be homeowners with a 250-pound installment, taking advantage of low-priced campaigns. TOKI President Ergun Turan’s statement about the subject is as follows:

“We make our nephews homeowners with installments starting from an average of 250 liras in Anatolia and long term payment terms starting from 350-400 liras in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara and we have hosted our 15 thousand workers in 2016. After that, We aim to make approximately 15 thousand retired citizens homeowners and we are working hard to meet the demands of retired citizens. “

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