House and Factory for sale at an affordable price

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The real estate accumulation of the bank is filled with the immovable property of the debt. Many property banks, which can not afford to pay the borrower, are on sale by the bank. 70 thousand liras apartments in Büyükçekmece, 300 thousand liras olive oil establishment in Balıkesir was also sold. Hundreds of houses, duplexes, villas, fields factories and land is sold at auction by the bank.

The bank is sold at auction by hundreds of houses, factories, duplexes, villas, lands and fields banks that people with difficulties in paying loans borrow. When Looking at the advertisements for sale, there are 3600 residential buildings that are only sold by five banks, 1450 workplaces, including factories, offices and shops, and about 2000 land plots.


Ingrown 11,8 Billion Liras

According to the Turkish Banking Association (TBB) data released in September 2016, the number of people using consumer loans and housing loans reached 19 million 604 thousand persons. Consumption loans accounted for the largest share with 65 percent, followed by housing with a share of 32 percent and transportation with a share of 3 percent. Although housing loans increased by 18 percent in the period July-September 2016, it is happened the need loans decreased by 2 percent and the vehicle decreased by 4 percent. In housing loans, predominantly 5-year-long maturities were preferred. In other words, while 147.3 billion of consumer loans of 302 billion were housing, the legal figure was 11.8 billion TL.

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