House for Sale Searches Rates Has Overtaken House for Rent Searches Rates

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Despite the problems encountered in last few months in Turkey, real estate property sector keeps having lively days. It seems that, based on the statistics which has been reported by TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute), house sales went up to 7% in February,2016 compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 101.703. So, those who are in search of house, will rent the house or buy it? Hürriyet’s E-Business Marketing Coordinator Mustafa Kemal Temel, stating that 64% of the house-hunters in have been looking for houses for sale, also says : “ 36 % of users looks for houses for rent.”

House for Rent Search Rates Increased 8%

“Cliff in increase of house prices also shows this” says Temel. He also states: “ When we take especially İstanbul, heartland of the sector, into consideration, we see that the prices of houses for sale increased 16% while increase in prices of house for rent was stable at 8%.” According to the analysing on the basis of category 87% of the users screen ‘house’, 5% of them screen ‘office’, 5% screen ‘land’ and 3% of the users screen ‘homepage’.

Budget for a House for Sale is Moderate

Study based on ‘ price tendency ‘shows that the amount of money as the budged for buying a house saved by most of the house-hunters is ‘mediocre’. The citizen looks for a house which generally goes from the lowest amount up to the highest price in terms of cost. For the ‘House for Rent Category’, the amount of the money selected as the searching parameter is really low. The filter choices goes up to the highest possible price respectively. When we look at the tendency in ‘the number of rooms’, it looks most of the searchers look for 3+1, 2+1, 1+1 ‘number of rooms’ choices and so on.

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