House Prices And Rents Brought in Istanbul Anatolian Side By 2017

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It was almost impossible to find apartments to rent in Kadıköy with the increase of marriages in the summer period due to the urbanization of the families and the destruction of old buildings and the search for new homes.

It was impossible to find a rented apartment due to the fact that the families were looking for a new home due to urban transformation, the destruction of old buildings and the increase of marriage during summer.

Kadıköy together with Maltepe and rental apartments in the surroundings increase day by day Şahinkaya: Besiktas, Sarıyer, Sisli, Kadıköy and Atasehir expressed the highest rental values.


Anatolian Side Attractions

Due to huge projects due to urban transformation, island and building-based renovations, the increase in rent values ​​throughout the Anatolian side has been high compared to the European side.


It is noteworthy that the families that are being moved prefer the neighboring provinces in order to keep the school and business order intact.

EVA Real Estate Licensed Assessment stated that the rate of increase in rents in Bağdat Street, which is based on urban renovation works, has reached 28 percent. It has been increased values ​​of 20. 20 percent in Kartal Maltepe 13 percent, expressed as 10 percent in Besiktas.



In the past few years, real estate agents have been trying to convince families who want to rent more houses. But now that it is very difficult to find rental apartments, families have not had a chance to evaluate options.

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