House Sales Started at the Stock Exchange

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Investors think that the public offering prices are appropriate and so they are collecting certificates in order to have a house through the stock exchange. Real Estate Certificates commenced trading on the stock exchange market as a new capital market instrument. At the public offering meeting which was held on March 29-31, 2017, the real estate certificates worth 143.2 million were sold. Each real estate price was 42.50 TL. Domestic individual investors had great demand for the related certificates.

Borsa İstanbul Chairman of management executive committee Himmet Karadağ said that 4.620 domestic individual investors purchased the real estate certificates. 40% (1.858 people) of these investors never got any share before. These people traded in the stock market for the first time through the real estate certificate. Karadağ also said that 747 people (16%) got some share before but didn’t get any share for the last year.


Park Mavera 3 Real Estate Certificates are in the Exchange Stock Market

Park Mavera 3 real estate certificates commenced trading on the exchange stock market with the date of April 7, 2017. These certificates are exported by TOKİ. On the first trading day; the trading volume amounted to 2.5 million TL. So, the real estate certificates’ trading volume took place in 58th between the securities as the first day stock market trading volume. Karadağ also emphasized that an investor who purchased a certificate from the public offer or market, he can sell these certificates in the exchange stock market, can transform them into the housing or he may wait for the due date.

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