Housing Each Period Top Investment Tool

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Keten Project Board Member Hüseyin İraöz, said that real estate was the most profitable investment tool in every period even the periods when the economy of real estate fluctuated.

Profitable and risk-free investment

Iraoz indicated that In Turkey, “investment” means real estate, gold and foreign exchange, followed by other investment tools. Iraoz underline that real estate is a investment tool in higher and risk-free long-term, according to the foreign exchange and gold. as long-term profit is guaranteed, it is the most preferred type of investment by the public, he said.

Iraoz, “Real estate has always been the most reliable port for investor. Because profit is a guarantee in the long term. There is no risk that someone who invests his savings in real estate will never lose his money. Since other investment tools follow a daily ups and downs course, investors miss their sleep, but this is beside the point  in real estate. Real estate is the most comfortable type of investment.” Said.


Providing to the economy with construction

Huseyin Iraoz, who stated that the necessity of new housing in the country with the increasing population and changing life culture, said that the construction sector  which evolves with the demand for housing, helps many secondary sectors. Also Iraoz stated that investment of real estate meant more employment and contribution to the Turkish economy.

Iraoz evaulate the construction sector in 2016.

He “In the first nine months of the year, housing sales which have continued at the average level of recent years, show that the construction sector has a dynamic structure. From January to September 2015, while a total of 936 thousand 615 houses were sold in our country, 935 thousand 811 houses are sold in the same period of 2016.” Said.

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