Housing Loans Increased 3 Times In 7 Years

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The liveliness of the real estate sector was reflected in the housing loans of the banks under the influence of special campaigns made by the companies. According to the data of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, the banking sector's housing loan volume, which was 61 billion TL in 2010, reached 187 billion TL at the end of September this year. Since the end of 2010 there has been a 3-fold increase in housing loans.

2.2 Mıllıon People Used Mortgage Loan

In the same period, the total consumer credits, including the credit cards of the banks, increased by 174 percent and reached 474 billion from 173 billion liras. The total loan volume of the banks rose from 526 billion liras to 1 trillion 994 billion liras. The number of people using credit increased by 22 percent and the amount of loans by 36 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Thus, in the last quarter of the third quarter of 2017, a total of 10 million 778 thousand people were given approximately 227 billion TL in consumer and housing loans. As of the end of July-September 2017 period, consumer loans and housing loans totaled TL 363 billion and the total number of people using loans was 19 million 614 thousand. The total number of people using housing loans was 2 million 277 thousand 279.

Total number of people decreased by 2 percent compared to the period of April-June 2017, while it did not change from July-September 2016 period. Consumer loans and housing loans grew by 20 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and by 5 percent compared to the previous quarterly turnover. In the period July-September 2017, the need loans have the largest share in consumer and housing loans with 68 percent. Housing and vehicle loans are followed by 29 percent and 3 percent, respectively. In the same period, approximately 2 million 688 thousand people used 38 billion TL needs loan, 124 thousand people used about 16 billion TL housing loans and 28 thousand 626 people used vehicle loans amounting to 1 billion TL. Compared to the July-September period of the previous year, residential loans increased by 24 percent and demand loans increased by 43 percent.


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