Housing Loans Increased By 92.5%

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Increase in Housing Loans in Turkey

Investment on real estate is increasing day by day because people think that is a reliable investment for the future. So the percentage of housing loans in Turkey has increased by 92,5 between the years 2011 and 2015. As shown in the rates housing loans increased by 92.5%.


According to the data of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, in last 5 years the volume of housing loans has increased while vehicle loans have drawn back. So, What is the rate of the rise? What had changed between the years? What is the current status of the housing loans? Why do the people invest real estate?  All the details are in our essay.


Housing loans increased by 92.5%. Between these years the volume of housing loans which are in the follow-up period didn’t increase significantly. But people started to take more loans from the banks for housing. Banks give loans to people with suitable interest rates and every bank has their own advantages. While people are deciding to get loans from banks, they should learn everything they need to know about housing loans. While getting loans from the banks, interest rates are the most important part of it. The less is the better.


Housing loans increased by 92.5%. Contrast to the housing loans, car loans rate decreased by 12.3 percent in the same years. In short, in five years time people got more housing loans than vehicle loans. Real estate agents have started to sell more house than the other years. Rise in housing loans shows how many people invest on houses. However last year the price of the houses has raised so much. Turkey is one of the most expensive countries in that way. In conclusion the housing loans have increased because of the high prices of the houses.


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