Housing Price Index İncreased By 1.07 Percent İn October

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Prepared with the support of Turkey's Isbank 'REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index' and 'REIDIN Real Estate Index' results were announced in October.

Prepared with the support of Turkey's Isbank 'REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index' and 'REIDIN Real Estate Index' results were announced in October. According to 'REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index; the rate of stock melting was 3.4% in October, the price increase was 0.28 compared to the previous month and 4.29% compared to the same period of last year.


Turkey spanning across 68 provinces 'REIDIN Real Estate Index' According to the results of October in housing prices, the 1.07% increase in the selling price of housing per square meter in my yaşandı.ek compared to the previous month, the field 2.03or% increased Balikesir, prices of most was rising city.

'REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index' Evaluating the results of October 2017, İşbank's Retail Credits Manager Recep Haki said that İşbank's home loan volume reached 20 billion TL by the end of September 2017 and increased by 13.21% and that it continues to be an important player in housing financing in the sector.

Khaki said: "İsbank customers get for the first time in Turkey, whether or not those who want to host Instant digital Home Loan services we provide. Those who want to buy a house and those who need a loan can complete the whole process digitally when they make an application for a home loan at the Isbank.com.tr. The whole process takes place digitally until credit calculation, appraisal, credit allocation, and finally to the branch to sign the wet signature. In the first year we started to provide services, more than 32,000 applications were made within 1 year. Demonstrated interest in Instant Home Loan in digital media; speed, simplicity, simplicity, and customer satisfaction, we are delighted with the digital services we design. "

The REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index, which was prepared with the support of İşbank, increased by 0.28% in October compared to the previous month and was 4.29% compared to the same period of last year and 77.50% there was an increase.

In October, Istanbul's branded residential projects in Asia were at a rate of 0.11%; There was a price increase of 0.34% in branded housing projects located in the Istanbul European side. According to the initial period of the index, Istanbul Asyakasak projects increased by 11.20 points compared to the European side.

Bank loan usage rate increased: 41%

In October, the down payment rate for new home sales rose by 6 percentage points to 29%, while bank credit utilization rose by 1 percentage point to 41%. The rate of deed in housing sales declined by 6 percentage points to 30%.

Inventory dissolution rate increased: 3.4%

30% of the houses sold in October were finished and 70% were composed of unfinished housing stocks. When the stock melting speed of October was evaluated, it was 3.4% on a piece basis and 3.2% on a square meter basis.

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