Housing Prices For Sale And Rental in Tuzla Has Increased

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Real Estate Index according to the figures of March 2017, in the last 3 years, the square meter prices of the houses for sale have increased by 57,91% and the square meters prices of the rented houses have increased by 31,34%.


According to the company’s statement, the Tuzla, which hosts one of the biggest marinas in Turkey, is expected to start very soon in the construction of the metro and Havaray projects, which affected housing prices. Sahibinden.com Real Estate Index According to the data issued in March 2017, in the last 3 years, the prices of houses for sale increased by 57.91 percent in square meters and the rents increased by 31.34 percent in square meters.

According to the figures, house prices for sale in Tuzla have increased by 32.15% in the last three years and have been sold for an average of TL 428 thousand. Rental housing prices increased by 21.68 percent to reach an average of TL 520. It is stated that the Havaray project, which is seen as a milestone in Istanbul traffic, is expected to be merged with the metro and transform Tuzla into a central district instead of the border town of Istanbul.

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