Housing Prices

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It continues to be a classic investment known real estate investment. Recently it became the largest real estate investment instrument. Residential investment, which has increased the industry’s hacmini. Therefore designed a new projects. Projects continue to be designed as a modern living space both literally full. This situation shows that; House prices will rise more than 15 years and will return on investment.


The most important factor is the advantage in the purchase price for the home. Turkey maintains its advantage in the value price per square meter compared to many countries. This provides the advantage of protecting the investment instrument of residential property.


Development and production rate are also extremely important elements in housing construction. Fast delivery and bring home the income is important in that speed-up the investment. All numerical data showed that, House prices will rise more than 15 years and investors get housing, they still see a safe investment tool. At least 15 years a profit circuit is concerned.


Housing production quantity and price have a wide range of manufactured housing is an important issue for the increase. It comes the need for a wide range of high demand for housing to rent to buy both. Which means the increase of prices. In particular remain low compared to other countries of unit price increases the demand of foreign investors. Which means to bring in investment housing.


All of them as an investment instrument subject always comes together is likely to increase in value. Among that, until quite capable of housing large 1 + 1 studio apartment has a separate demand for all kinds of value. Also special projects such as smart homes are also of great importance.


House prices will rise more than 15 years and create investors are in great demand in the home.

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