Housing Project Control Tender Done

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A tender was held for the control of the houses to be built for the floors of the İzmit Municipality's Gültepe site area.

Approximately cost 930 thousand 160 pounds to 5 firms participated in the tender. The residential, commercial and social area project, which will be provided for floors, will be controlled from the beginning to the İzmit Municipality. The highest bid was 1 million 574 thousand pounds, while the lowest bid was 756 thousand pounds. The commission will evaluate the proposals and explain the business in the coming days.


Houses to be built by Izmit Municipality in Gültepe will be one of the biggest housing projects in İzmit in recent years. Within the scope of the project, 26% of the 433 dwellings to be built will be given to the Municipality of Izmit within the scope of the project, 70 units 1 + 1, 178 units 2 + 1, 116 units 3 + 1, 30 units 3 + 1 duplexes, 30 units 4 + 1 There will be 9 independent villas with duplex. There will be 18 workplaces, 1 oven, and a social facility with a pool, spa, health, cafeteria, restaurant and market under one of the blocks to be built for floors.


This tender, which is held in the rapidly appreciated zone of izmit, will be a big step to solve the settlement problem.


This project has considerable advantages for people living in izmit. This may be the most appropriate project for a more luxurious and comfortable living space.

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