How Are the House Prices in Çeşme

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Çeşme is one of the places in İzmir which is very well known as a place for summer vacation. It has beautiful beaches and sea. The area is very crowded during summer because it is also one of the most popular areas in that time of the year.


If you want to have a summer vacation in Çeşme my advice is to make your reservation before at least 6 months. İf you do not it can be harder for you to find a place to stay. During summer the prices double itself so if you make your reservation in winter the price that you pay will be cheaper.


How Are the Prices

The prices in Çeşme vary from place to place but we can say that the average price is high. As it is one of the popular summer destination it is normal that the prices are so high. We can say that the house prices, hotels and even cafes change their prices in summer. The usual price that you can pay for a house is about 400.000 Türkish Liras. The prices can be pay for a flat or even villa it depends according to the age of the building and also the location of it.


Housing in Çeşme

As we mentioned about the prices before if you are ready to pay that much high prices you can enjoy the beautiful destination. There are several options in housing you can choose your own and enjoy your summer.

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