How Do I Make The Title Deed Transfer in 9 Steps?

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When you want to buy a house you will come to "title deed buildings". I tried to get home, but when it comes to the title deed, everyone is afraid. In this writing, I will tell you what kind of process you are following in the title transfer process …

One of the biggest investment instruments is real estate. Sometimes it is the most reliable investment instrument we seek to keep your head in a house, sometimes children to inherit. In this context, if you prepare the required documents from us, and if you pay the title deed, a maximum of 1-2 days remains in the title deed. What documentation do you need in this process?


What Must Be Considered Before Going To Title Deed?

If you do not own the property you intend to purchase, or if you do not have a proxy, you can not take action regarding the title deed. So you can ask for a title deed. Thus, with the document at hand, you want to get information about the real estate island parcel information, net area, debt information, whether there is mortgage or not? You can get this information by taking the police report from the relevant municipalities and the numbering certificate.

If you have some relief for this information that you have received, it is time to make an appointment for the title deeds.


How to make an appointment from the Land Registry Office

The next step after I agree with the property owner is the Land Registry Office. How do you make an appointment with an appellate office? There are three ways to follow this.

-The property you want to buy is connected to the title deed at 12:00 in the morning by taking the number of the queue,

If you do not want to wait, you can make an appointment from the official web site of ​​title cadastral directorate,

-You can get your appointment on the day and time you want by calling A181.

If your application is approved in the following time, the information of your appointment will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

What are the documents you need to take when you go to Land Registry Office?

Separate documents are required for Buyer and Seller.

For Buyer who is a Person;

2 passport size photos,

1 original and 1 photocopy of your identity card (please write your residence address and telephone number on your photocopy of your identity card)

If your transaction is to be carried out by your realtor, a referral agreement is required for that person's name or proxy.

For the Seller;

The original and photocopy of the temple,

1 passport photo,

The original identity card and one photocopy, (please write your residence address and telephone number on the photocopy of the identity card)

If your transactions are to be made by your realtor, a written remittance contract is required for the name of the real estate agent and the order or procedure.

Title Deed Process

The title deed is calculated on the basis of the transfer and acquisition price declared by the registration not less than the value of the real estate tax.

Inadequate Expenditure of Title Deed

In case of incomplete payment of title deed and this situation is determined by tax authorities, criminal procedure is applied. When it is determined that the title deed is incomplete, the difference is calculated and it is collected from the owner of the property.


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