How Many Apartments Are Given To The House Owners In The Urban Transformation?

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How many circles are given to the land owners or floor owners in the urban transformation, the answer today is the most sought after question. Law No. 6306 on Transforming the Areas Under Disaster Relief, published in the Official Gazette on May 31, 2012, is also known as the Urban Transformation Law. According to this, immovables which are under the risk of earthquakes in Turkey are being demolished within the framework of the provisions stated in the law and are being re-established according to the new earthquake regulations.


The question that landowners and landowners most worry about after the Urban Transformation Law comes into effect is; How many circles are given to urban transformation? The law, which entered into force in 2012, actually offers a few alternatives to landowners or floor owners. One of them; To give the apartment from the new building, to give the equivalent to one of the apartments of another contractor's elsewhere. Those who do not want these alternatives can cash in on the apartments.


In this process, the most important point that right holders should pay attention to is; The comparison of the existing development plan with the new development plan and the rights recognized by the new development plan are being examined very well. Because according to the new construction plan, the number of meters and the number of floors of the building to be built according to the earthquake regulations are determined.


If the building is renovated by the contractor, the square meters of the contractors will be deducted from the total area of ​​the building. In addition, the share of the plot written on the tapestry is gaining importance and the process starts to operate on the plot share rather than the house meter that is owned in the process of urban transformation. If there is a unfair sharing on the title deed, it is absolutely necessary to open a "land share determination case" before the demolition process.

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