How Many Places Do Turks Own İn Europe?

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Four of the first 5 countries in which Turks took their homes are from Europe. Why do the Turks living in Europe use their preferences in real estate for European countries?


Where are the countries where Turks are hosted? In which European country did the Turks get housing?


Nova Group Holding CEO Müjdat Güler, who has been providing real estate consultancy and housing sales to the Turks for 40 years abroad, shared the results of the research that investigated the purchase of housing abroad by Turks. Güler stated that the number of houses bought by Turks in Germany is approaching 2 million.


"The Turks living in Germany look at their work places and their children's proximity to their schools first," says Müjdat Güler, "The loan is paid in advance and they are taking a home looking at the taxi. The Turks living abroad are acting very consciously, they do not go beyond their needs ".

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