How Much Was The Property Tax İn 2017?

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According to the March 2017 tax calendar, real estate tax payments began on 1 March. The first installment payment for the real estate tax will end on 31 May. How long is the annual real estate tax in 2017?


For the real estate tax, each taxpayer can pay taxes at different rates and costs. The reason for this is that the values ​​of real estate and real estate are different.


It is also available in examples such as 100% tax levied in Büyükşehir. By law, the rate of the real estate tax of the houses is 2 ‰ on the boundaries of the city. In non-metropolitan municipalities it is calculated as ‰ 1. Workplace, shop estate tax rate ‰ 4, in Büyükşehir; In non-metropolitan municipalities, ‰ 2 is applied.


The tax rate of a land in a metropolitan city is 2 ‰, the tax rate of a land in a municipality not owned by a metropolis is 1 ‰; The tax rate for an arsenal in a metropolitan city is 6 ‰, and the tax rate for an arsenal in non-metropolitan municipalities is 3 ‰.

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