How Real Estate Sharing Happens In Divorce?

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With marriage divorce and sona, one of the issues that needs to be resolved among the spouses is the real estate acquired within the marriage union. If they are willing to agree to a divorce proceeding in the course of divorce between the parties, they shall submit a protocol to the court and may conclude, on an arbitrary basis, such agreement as may be agreed upon in the protocol between them. However, if there are parties that are problematic and do not consent to sharing, then the contested divorce case will be the case. If this is a divorce, all decisions about divorce and its consequences are made by the court.


Real estate and other assets acquired after January 2002 and during the marriage association but appearing on behalf of a single person are considered common property. Not only real estate, but all assets of economic value (securities, bank deposits, gold and stocks, etc.) are in this scope covered by all the material value and debt within the marriage union. In case of contentious divorce, the court can not require registration of title to property by dividing the property into two. However, the court decides on the basis of the value of the real estate to be worth half of the market value of the real estate through the pricing of the expert expert.


It will be beneficial to reach consensus during the sharing of real estate in divorces. In short, the registration of all real estates acquired in marriage union after January 2002 in the name of one of the spouses does not mean that the real estate belongs to him, and on the equal terms both sides have the right in that real estate.


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