How The Price Of Gold Is Affected from The Season Of Wedding?

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Increase of gold prices drive some investors to have satisfaction, while the others are getting worried and worried because of the situation. Namely, especially both the people who owe gold and the people who are planning to get married in this season would be affected adversely. When the price of gram gold is assessed, it will be clear whether the price of gold is going to be on rise or on decline.


The price of gram gold reached 142tl in January; however, when these days are concerned, it has risky role on the gold prices. After the month of April, time of referendum, there could be a decline on the prices of gold, which results in the winning of the votes of ‘yes’. Islam Memış remarked that dollars’ and Turkish liras’ level would be on 3.70s but it would not be prominent. Besides, he added that the gold prices might account for 138tl at first. That’s why the people who would marry might have lower profit due to this situation. Provided that it has the stability on 138tl, bottom quarter prices, which have been sold with price of 240tl, could reach 227tl. In addition, Cumhuriyet gold could recede by 924tl, and the price of bracelets could regress by 128tl. However, all these occur when the result of referendum is ‘Yes’.

On the other hand, supposed that the referendum result is the rejection-NO, the price of foreign currencies could increase sharply. In addition, the price of gram gold could reach over 160tl. That’s to say, the price of gold could obtain some effects stemming from foreign currencies accompanied by the politics and current affairs in Turkey.

It could be witnessed that some decreases on the price of gold by the month of June, which enables the investors to assess this period in a positive way. They will be able to keep their stability to earn much amount of money. Yet, gold would be inevitable to account for immense price owing to retrogressive world order.

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