How the Shopping Center is Located?

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Commercial Real Estates can provide the long-term success if they are good in emotional connection with the final consumer. They must strengthen this connection. Commercial Real Estates use very different methods in order to attract the consumers. Especially the subconscious ways are preferred in all these real estates. But although there are lot ways that can get the consumers when some methods are very successful in a commercial real estate, these are not resulted as positive in another one. Why doesn’t a useful idea give the same positive results in every shopping center?


Since a lot of shopping center (AVM) have entered our lives, the marketers have used very wide range of marketing methods but also some big mistakes have been repeated and as a result of these mistakes , some shopping centers hadn’t reach their commercial goals. We can give an example for these mistakes; location! Authorities can’t take measures according to the Shopping Center’s location. Also the appropriate activities haven’t been done for this important issue. During the time that Project had just only being planned, some market methods should be thought very carefully. This is not an important subject only for the marketing goals it is also important for rental perspectives.

Shopping Center Marketing Projects are Complicated Works

Shopping Centers include hundreds of different brands. The shopping center must be thought as a roof organization that includes all these brands. The location of each shopping center is different and a marketing concept needs to be created according to these features.

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