How to Find a Cheap House

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How to Find a Cheap House

Everybody dreams to have a house but it is too hard to find a cheap house these days because of the economic situation of the country and people. Here are some proposals to find a cheap house. While the demands of people who are low or medium income are increasing, producing luxurious houses and stocks of them are increasing, too.


Recently, 12 contractors had a meeting and discussed the industry’s problems. TOKI chief Mehmet Ergün Turan said that 70-80 percent of the real estate demands come from people who have low or middle incomes. Because of the cost of the space land they cannot meet the demands. Their ideas were that the Ministry of Environment should collaborate with TOKI or local private sector.


Proposals to find a cheap house came from the TOKI. There are cheap land in Hadımköy and Çatalca. These places are suitable to build cheap and reasonable houses for everybody who dreams to have a house. But in this situation these houses will be sold to the people in need. Ercan Uyar said that ‘Despite the size of the construction sector, there is no father at home.


This means there is no discipline at home. There should be some formations or foundations like the Ministry of Housing to manipulate such a big construction business. In short, construction industry needs a father.’ Furthermore they stepped in opening a ceramic company in Bozüyük.


Proposals to find a cheap house have been discussed by TOKI and 12 contractors. Some solutions were tried to be found and some proposals had been offered.  Their offer was to find a father for the construction business.


To achieve everybody has house whatever their income are is a really important for the Turkish people needs. Luxury houses accumulated in the sector so we need more cheap houses.

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