How To Get A House From Toki ?

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TOKI explained the conditions for Housing Acquisition. Our country has recently been under a big project under the name of urban transformation. Within this project, buildings that are in an unusable state in our illusory, or that distort the image of the city, have begun to collapse. TOKİ residence has begun to make victims of our people living here. TOKI is also signing housing projects for our low and middle income citizens. Our citizens are very supportive about TOKI Housing Acquisition, which provides work opportunities for a lot of people with the works that they are doing and doing in almost all our cities.


TOKI has also been found in an application for retirees. If we take a look at the heads of this announcement;- To be living in the province or district of the project for at least 1 year and to be registered in province- In the previous periods, TOKİ had not received any housing and not benefited from the loan- No property belonging to himself or his first-degree relatives (his wife and children)- Monthly incomes from Haney should be no more than 3200 TL (It is privatized as 3700 TL for residents living in Istanbul.)- The applicant is retired from the Social Security Institution- If both of the spouses are retired, only one can be present.There are some materials in the form of.

Emlak Konut

0.75 percent difference in 240 months, 0.45 maturity difference in 120 months and interest-free payment plan in 60 months.Those who want to buy a house from Real Estate Housing REIT go directly to their nearest Real Estate Housing REIT offices. After they purchase the house they want to buy and their payment plan, Emlak Konut REIT employees are accompanied by them to complete the transactions.

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