How to Get a Workplace Renewal Permit?

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While it is not necessary to obtain a license for the amendment works to be carried out in the apartments and offices located in an apartment building, it is necessary to obtain a license permit for some modifications. So, how do you get a work permit?


How to get workplace renovations permit?

If minor modifications such as paint whitewash, tiles and parquet flooring, electricity and plumbing changes are completely in the interior and are not made to the carrying elements such as beams, there is no requirement to obtain a license.

It is compulsory to obtain a modification license for the alterations of the immovable, the alterations affecting the elements of the building, which are visible from the outside.


So, how do you get a work permit?

The licenses and attachments of the municipalities are examined and if they are not incomplete and incorrect, they give the amendment license within 30 days at the latest from the application date. Here's what you need to get a renewal license:

1 -) We offer you the information on the arrangement of the modification license in accordance with the approved projects for the renewal license application (… District, … neighborhood, … layout, … island, … Parcel number)

2 -) Deed Registration Certificate.

3 -) Zoning Status Diameter: A document showing the construction order, the floor adobe, the fringe level, the distance between the roads and the neighboring parcels, and the construction counterparts.

4 -) Architectural project, static project, electrical and installation projects, drawings and calculations, sketch with or without explorer.

In addition, additional documents may be required if deemed necessary, depending on the type of modification to be made. These documents are Project Owners Room Registry Status Documents, Contractor Registry, Apartment Decision Book Example (Notarized), Fathi Commitment (Notarized).

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