How To Make An Appeal Application The Property Tax?

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How To Make An Appeal Application The Property Tax?

The new values ​​set by Commissions of Appreciation will be the basis for property taxes you will pay from 2018. If you think the values ​​are high, the trial period is over on July 30th. 

Every year the real estate tax is increasing by "half of the revaluation rate". However, the value of the property is set every 4 years and the real estate tax is given on this 'current value'. The base values ​​for 2014-2015-2016 and 2017 real estate taxes were set in 2013. Four years passed. Now the property values ​​that will be little for 2018-2019-2020 and 2021 are determined by the Appreciation Commissions and delivered to the municipalities. So everything, whether it's a house, a house or a shop, the value of all of them is recalculated. In 2018 you will be given your real estate tax accordingly. If you have objections to the new values ​​set by the Appreciation Commission, we are about to enter the last days, you have to hurry to file a lawsuit. "


But how do you learn about your new real estate value? If a citizen learns the unit value for his own street or street or land from the mukhtars or municipalities as soon as possible, he should apply to the tax court within 30 days. 

According to the decisions of the Council of State, the legislator is to ensure that the tax value is finalized by the beginning of the year in which the intended recipient is accrued. In Article 49 of the Law no 213, "the final minimum land and land unit values ​​shall be determined by the relevant municipalities and by the mukhtar will be declared until the end of May from the beginning of the year when the taxation and the accrual are made. " In other words, the values ​​declared by municipalities and mukhtars from January (February) until the end of May are finalized values.

In the 49th article of the Law No. 213, it is stated that the decisions of the appraisal commission concerning determination of the minimum unit value of the land shall be given to the tax offices, municipalities, villages and neighborhood mukhtars who have the competency to file lawsuits, There is no provision in the direction of the issue, nor how it will be communicated to the authorities. In this case the learning date will be the basis.

It is clear that citizens will also be able to file a lawsuit by July 30th, as judicial commission decisions will be lodged at the provincial or district centers' chambers of commerce, the chambers of agriculture, the relevant village village headmen by 30 June 2017 at the latest and no learning is possible before that.

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