How To Tell Location In Deed?

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In order for a building to receive a permit from the municipality, it must provide certain conditions. Compliance with the earthquake legislation of the building, such as the condition of the shelter, the fire escape staircase and the tubes can be counted among these conditions. Another important point is to build the building according to the district development plan and project. The application required to obtain the residence permit is executed by the contractor or the construction company that constructed the building.


The housing status of the real estate you intend to purchase is assessed according to the information on the title deed. The nature of the property is indicated on the part of the title document. The fact that the title of the property of the floor is emphasized here means that the building has the permission of resettlement. The building has been registered as a fully approved property by the municipality, and each section in the building has been identified separately. It is a requirement that the building permit of the building is available so that the floor owned property can be acquired.


Another issue that is curious about settlement is that the loan can not be used for a real estate that does not have a settlement. The banks do not find the real estate in this case suitable for the credit. While obtaining credit for flats is extremely easy, many banks also use loans for flat-floor real estates. The best way to get the answer to the question "How can the settlement be understood or seen?" Is to apply to the title deed and municipalities.

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