If There İs An Earthquake İn Istanbul, We Can Not Even İmagine What Will Happen To Us

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About the earthquake that is expected to be to Istanbul, ITU Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Kadioglu,”Our biggest problem is that we can not perceive the risk. If the earthquake happens in Istanbul, we can not even imagine what will happen to us.” said.


Director of Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute Prof. Dr. Haluk Ozener, stated that the earthquake is the reality of Turkey and we can only reduce the damages. he, “the first priority to reduce earthquake damages is Urban transformation. Public buildings, highways, bridges need to be reinforced.” Said.

Also, Prof. Dr. Ozener said that, According to scientists 92 percent of Turkey is under the danger of earthquake and this situation is an unattainable fact for Turkey.


Ozener who expressed Turkey is an earthquake country, continued his words as follows: “We need to learn to live with disaster and this nature event. We can not prevent it but we can reduce earthquake damages. Scientists say, earthquake where the possible is and how big it will be, but they can not tell when it will be. Our citizens must have an action plan for before and after the disaster. the first priority to reduce earthquake damages is urban transformation. Public buildings, highways, bridges need to be reinforced. after 17 August, studies started, but not completion. These studies and urban transformation studies need to be completed quickly. Urban transformation need to spread to the town, even to the region. “

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