İhsan Çulhalık: “The Real Estate Sector Showed Its Strength”

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Ihsan Culhalık, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Insay Yapi which evaluates the sales of TUIK housing, said “The real estate sector revealed its power.”

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In the description of the Culhalık which is found in important evaluations, with the announcement of the housing sales figures of November by the Statistical Institute of Turkey, Despite all political and economic upheaval, Turkey is well on its way to 2017. According to TUIK data, the increase of 25 percent in November of the previous year compared to the same period of the previous year reveals the strength of the real estate sector which is the basis of the Turkish economy. We are expecting to speed up the recovery process,  Turkey  which is mentioned as a safe harbor in international markets, in the new year. We believe in Turkey’s potency and power. We are expecting to continue the high rate of growth in the residence. We know that the biggest source of investment for Turkish people is real estate and we want to continue by accelerating our projects in this area. ” said.


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