Image Caused by Reactions in Ankara

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There have been many discussions about the silhouette of Istanbul. A lot of things were said about the new skyscrapers breaking the silhouette of Istanbul. These issues have started to be talked about in Ankara. With the huge skyscrapers being constructed, the change of the silhouette of Istanbul frequently came to the agenda, and the appearance of Ankara changed with the new buildings. The images of the Ataturk's monumental tomb view of Ankara deteriorated. The skyscrapers built in the direction of the Ataturk's monumental tomb began to distort the silhouette of the Ataturk's monumental tomb  .


It was seen that high buildings, skyscrapers, especially in Çukurambar, Söğütözü region, were elevated. The rising buildings around here began to distort the silhouette of Ankara. There was a visible change in the silhouette of the capital. Ataturk's monumental tomb  is accepted as the center of Ankara. From Ulus to Ataturk's monumental tomb, skyscrapers are seen. This was an event that attracted reactions from everyone.

Ataturk's monumental tomb is one of the rare green areas in the center of the capital. This area is very green. It is one of the most important points of Ankara. It is the first important area to come to mind in Ankara. Behind this, multi-storey skyscrapers reflected the object. Ataturk's monumental tomb Protection Plan is available. According to this plan, some districts that constitute the immediate vicinity of Ataturk's monumental tomb are prohibited from building buildings that will exceed the height of the monument. These districts are Anittepe, Yücepe, Tandoğan, Beşevler and Bahçelievler respectively. The buildings to be built around here are predicted not to exceed the height of the monument. The area where high structures are located is outside of this law. Outside of the shade, it does not prevent shattering. What will happen? People are curious.

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