Important Poınt Of The Anatolıan Sıde: ‘kozyatağı’

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Important Poınt Of The Anatolıan Sıde: 'kozyatağı'

Kozyatağı, which is the key point in terms of Istanbul Anatolian Side's location, is at the beginning of the most intensive locations of real estate movements. This region is the most popular location of the Anatolian side in the commercial real estate.

In addition to its proximity to Kozyatağı, Goztepe and coastal regions, Ataşehir is located in the middle of all lines due to its location next to Ümraniye line and Kartal – Maltepe area. For this reason, both in the home and in the commercial real estate are among the prestigious and first preferred points.


Some points of the region are very valuable and the prices are very close to this region. There are three points that determine real estate values ​​in the region; The first one is Ataturk Boulevard, the second one is İnönü Boulevard and the third one is Bayar Caddesi. The price of the square meter for sale in the district is 9.000 TL. Of course, as the prestigious point approaches, the price of the house can reach up to 11,500 TL due to the age and the size of the house. Rental prices start at 19 TL per square meter.

The Commercial Property

In 2015 and 2016, commercial real estate in this region, which gained 19 percent year-on-year value, is very valuable. Due to its advantageous position and facilities it is called ANA AKS. The rent value of commercial real estate for sale which is around TL 12,500 on the plaza floors in the district is up to 18 USD per square meter. Regional demand is so intense that Turkey's first five-star office building has been built in this region and has already reached 70 percent occupancy rate despite high pricing.

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