Important Zoning Regulation

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Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Özhaseki found in description.He was in private discussions. He stated that new arrangements should be made on reconstruction. He said that reconstruction plans would be more difficult now. The Ministry said a number of studies were done. He stated that the regulations were made. He also talked about some new studies on the Zoning Law. When the Law on Municipalities comes into the Assembly, it is stated that they will be put into the zoning section. Mehmet Özhaseki, "We will take decisions in the future will affect every step of the reconstruction." said. That there were more than one regulation on zoning and that everyone acted according to the directive desired. He talked about an arrangement


Value Increase Regulation

The plan can be modified. Environment and Urbanism ministry said it was not impossible to explain what he did. He said that the value increase will be brought. He stated that the share will be taken from this sector. He also pointed out that there is nothing clear about whether the municipalities will pay for the municipality.

What Area Will It Be?

The area of ​​100 square meters was to increase it with various attachments. Mehmet Özhaseki said that he would intervene in this attachments. He also talked about meeting the contractors. In the case of elevator share, apartment vacancy, etc., this decision was taken to be decided. Contractors request was taken as 30%. The Ministry stretched this value more. To 37%.

Signboard Now Condition

There were some points about the plot of the amendment plan. Özhaseki "In a place, if the municipality is doing a plan renovation, it has to hang a sign on it as everyone who passes by will see it." he said.

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