In 2017 EBRD gave 1 billion Euros to 30 projects in Turkey

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is very important for Turkey. It is said that EBRD gave 1 billion euros support to 30 great projects in Turkey.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development continues to support Turkish contractors and projects. With the EBRD, large loan agreements were made especially for the great projects. 30 projects in Turkey were given 1 billion euros support by EBRD.


Investments will exceed 1.5 billion

According to the statement made by Ankara Representative Hüseyin Özhan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), in terms of portfolio size and investment volume, Turkey is in first place among the countries where the EBRD operates. Özhan also said, “This year in Turkey, we signed 30 projects with a total volume of 1 billion euros. Our investments we expect to exceed 1.5 billion euros in Turkey until the end of the year”

In the construction sector, credit agreements are made for projects with important brands. In particular, the EBRD providing financial support to significant investment in the construction of Turkey, had signed an agreement with Nef in 2017. Nef and EBRD signed a $ 120 million loan agreement for urban transformation projects and mid-range affordable housing production.

Özhan said that they allocated resources for banks and financial institutions, corporate companies and energy investments and they put signature under important projects. “The EBRD as we provide more funding than ever 9.5 billion euros in the project over 240 in Turkey. I can say that we are one of Turkey's largest investors. This year, EBRD gave 1 billion euros support to 30 projects in Turkey. We expect our investments in Turkey exceed 1.5 billion euros until the end of year. We predict a similar performance next year.” he said.

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