In Insurance Health is in the First Place While Housing is in the Second Place

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According to the data of an insurance company named as Aksigorta, people prefer to take out a policy for health in the first place and then housing insurance came. Also according to the same survey done by Aksigorta to 1200 people, women highly prefer to take out a policy for housing when compared with men. The survey was done by phone to 1200 people whose ages ranged between 15 to 60 and the country in which he survey was done is Turkey. According to the findings our first priority is health. 45.5% of the people who had participated to this research said that they want to insure their health and put it in the first priority while 26% of the participants pıt housing in the first priority to insure.


Men Insure Their Cars While Women Insure Their Family Members

According to the findings of the same research 4.4% percent of women pıt their family member in to third place to insure while the number of men who put their family in the third place to insure is 3.9%. this clearly shows the differences of men and women in terms of priority.


The Importance of Insurance

Does not matter your gender, age or race the datas around the world shows that the first priority of human being is to insure their health. Because it is the most important thing that we care. Other stuffs such as cars and housing comes in the second and third places.



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