In İstanbul 5 Districts will be changed by TOKİ

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In İstanbul centre districts are very problem for new houses. In İstanbul house system and the living area has been changed since 2010 by urban transformation program.

This urban tansfromation program works under the environment and urban ministry and urban transformation find the risky house and risky area and transfer the areas in İstanbul , after that house holders and the contracts make a contract, how it built and where to live in this process. For this reason urban tansfromation program is under the state security, that name is Republic of Turkey Ministry of environment and urbanization.


TOKİ make new houses in istanbul where is located in Kayabaşı. This project includes 5 centre districts that has in the urban transformation program. From now a day about one thousand five hundreds right holders appeal for the new houses. In this project TOKİ and the environment and urban ministry determines the meter square price for the new house is three thousand Turkish liras. After the projects finishes all the area holders own a new houses proportion to the costs of their old houses.

Also in this projects location is very crucial places. For that reason after projects finishes one house in this area is about to one to one million five hundred thousand Turkish liras. So this projects is very profitable for the right holder. It likes a lottery.

On the other hand city hall and TOKİ has own a house in this location and after they will sell the house all the price is profit for them.

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