In Istanbul, 720 Residence With 800 TL Installments

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Hadimkoy Vefa Houses, located on an area of ​​35 thousand square meters, was able to become a homeowner with installments starting from 800 liras in Arnavutkoy. In 720 apartments project made by Arnavutkoy Municipality, the title deed was distributed to the owners.

Arnavutkoy Mayor Ahmet Hasim Baltaci gave the good news that the future of mass housing will come. President Baltaci stated that they are happy to deliver the deed, "We are the first in Istanbul and we stated that we will do a mass housing study at the beginning of our election studies provided that we give priority to our public employees who work in Arnavutkoy. We completed this work of 720 housing units we have done and handed it to the rights holders today and we are happy and hopefully we also aim at the second and third stages "


The Vefa Residences project, which is alleged by Aras, an affiliate of the Municipality of Arnavutkoy, is hosting as a rent.

There Are 720 Houses In The Project Of Vefa Houses In Arnavutkoy Hadimkoy

Hadimkoy Vefa Houses, located within 35 thousand square meters area, is constructed as 112 3 + 1 residential buildings and 589 2 + 1 residential buildings. The project can be subject to the prices starting from 800 TL per month.



 Vefa Residences are located in the neighboring state to the Government House, Municipal Service and Assembly, cultural and social centers, park and trade areas, Hadimkoy Life and Culture Center, 3.Avalanan, 3. Kopru Yolu and Kanal İstanbul district.

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