In Istanbul, The Rent Increase Determined By The Urban Transformations And Distance To The Center

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Earthquake risk zones that occur in urban transformation in Istanbul, the rents continue to increase. According to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, urban transformation process is completed, the city has a total of 6.5 million buildings will be torn down. The owners of these buildings, according to law 6306, receiving rental assistance from the State for 18 months. In 2016 this figure is expected to rise to 790 TL. The destruction took place, the number of the building was over 100,000 so far. These buildings of 350,000 who live in the family home seems to have changed.


Submit the requested documents to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning from the rightful owners after 18 months of rental assistance to the appropriate ones for reference is being made. Housing rent assistance are being made for only a single house, according the law, multiple housing doesn’t help.


In the process of urban transformation with the beginning of life in renovated buildings, however, rents are expected to rise much more in these areas. The rise of rent in Istanbul, the only reason the state pays the rent is not a subsidy.


Construction companies are often negotiated with the rights holders for the demolition of the house, at a monthly rental until their home is completed a cumulative amount of these companies as they get paid. This figure is usually far higher in the area are happening on the fair market rent cost. The landlords determine this amount according to the new tenants in the area.


New housing projects in the city centre do not cause rents to fall out of the city. In these areas, is the oldest of the houses, tenants who want to sit in the presence of a parking problem at the center of it doesn’t affect. The important factor in this housing proximity to the workplace, and to go away from traffic problems as determined.


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