In Urban Transformation in Fugitive Buildings

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Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Özhaseki was in various explanations. These statements were made in the 2018 budget negotiations of the Plan and Budget Commission. He talked about various changes in the urban transformation period. He said that these changes were targeted to be 15. Mehmet Özhaseki stated that they were aiming to make everybody home in the statement he made.


Therefore, he said that he was trying to construct neighborhood projects in Anatolia and Europe. He talked about building 200 thousand houses in Anatolia and Europe. Minister Mehmet Ozhaseki said, "Well, my brother, you will fill the whole of Istanbul." No, there is no such thing. There is no room for a person from the outside. In the first place, we are talking about 600 thousand independent units, we will say to the citizens as an option: 'This is the option. If you want to get out here, if you are nearest neighborhoods, that is where I find Esenler, if there is Sultangazi, here is Güngören, 500 meters away, where you prepared the house. Brother, your house is risky, you can not even stand up to 6 severe depressions, you'll be excluded. Obligation to do this, if not, God forbid, tomorrow earthquake, they are all under the soil, "he said.

Also the minister pointed to a different point. Indicate that they will give you a house without a deed without a house. Mehmet Özhaseki continued his speech as follows: "The man has made it on the Hazinen, but he has made it 3 times, he has 3 brothers in 50 square meters. You are calculating, 'We give you one house, you will borrow 50 thousand Turkısh Lira on' we say. What's the man to do now? Where will 3 brothers go? Well, the bad guy who put his head down here, anyway. Even sitting there is a right in itself, seated. Who is ominous at the time of ominus. Here, we have developed a model of making a homeowner all person "

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