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Environment and Urban Development Minister Mehmet Özhaseki explained that they will change the strategy in urban transformation. 


Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Mehmet Özhaseki explained that the ministry will change strategy in urban transformation during the 2018 budget negotiations in the Plan and Budget Commission.

He said that he wanted to make a 15-point change in the Urban Transformation Law No. 6306 in order to be able to move faster against natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. He said that he made negotiations with the journalists to make the change with the Decree-Law. Describing the possible collapse of Istanbul in the earthquake, Minister Özhaseki's speech is as follows:

In Istanbul, coastline and 3-4 storeys are risky

"Istanbul is unfortunately not ready to earthquake. Where is this seen from? Particularly coastal areas, especially the 3 and 4 storey buildings built before 2000. 600 thousand structures. Then we need to act quickly knowing these facts and speed up the urban transformation. 

Building-based transformations are only turning into Baghdad Street, because the rant is high. The places where the poor people stay, they are all almost distressed, do not turn out there. These are the mistakes of the conversions so far.

The first of our basic principles is on-site transformation. You can not take a citizen and take it from one place to another. We've always seen bad practices before. It is a sin, a pity. You pull the man out of his history, his culture, his sharpness, his memories, everything. They did it in time.

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