In Which District Are The Cheapest Houses In Istanbul?

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In which district are the cheapest houses in Istanbul and which district prices are raising? We have compiled these questions according to the Turkish Housing Price Index data.

Annual Change in Istanbul is About 26,38 Percent

Housing prices continue to rise. According to the data of the Central Bank, housing prices in Turkey increased most in Istanbul. According to the Turkish Housing Price Index, the highest annual change was in Istanbul at 26.38 percent.

Prices are expected to increase by 20 percent in 2017. Especially in Istanbul’s central locations like Kadikoy, Besiktaş, Levent, Sisli, prices for real estate properties are going through the roof. On the other hand, there are still areas in Istanbul that continue to be the cheapest housing region.


In Which District Are The Cheapest Houses In Istanbul?

Sultanbeyli, Kurtkoy, Tuzla, Pendik, Sancaktepe and Cekmekoy in the Anatolian side of Istanbul; on the European side, Silivri, Gaziosmanpaşa, Esenyurt, Beylikduzu, etc. Silivri is the cheapest one among these neighborhoods.

Prices in these regions are still quite favorable compared to other parts of Istanbul. In spite of the fact that 1 + 1 flats start from 500-600 thousand TL in central locations of Istanbul, you can easily have 1 + 1 flats with 200-250 thousand TL in these areas. Prices are low but premium potential is high. When new transportation investments planned in the region are activated, housing prices will come closer to other quarters.

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