In Which Districts Are The Rent Incomes Decreasing in Istanbul?

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In many of Istanbul’s districts, the value of the government’s projects, the contribution of private firms and transportation plans increased. There was also a significant increase in rent prices in the increasing regions.

However, some of the districts are almost forgotten. Although this situation was negative in terms of development of the county, the tenants were happy. The cities that have not yet completed their development or are one step backward are much more affordable than the ones whose rents are in serious development.


Rent increases differ in Istanbul, especially in the districts and even in the neighborhoods. In Istanbul, metro, metrobus and proximity to the center features rent prices. An apartment located in Besiktas, which has almost the same features, is rented to the 3rd floor of the apartment in Beylikdüzü.

Rent unit prices generally increase in Istanbul. Istanbul is rapidly increasing its brand value among world cities. In this context, lease payments are also on the rise as a reflection of this value. At this point, the contribution of Istanbul to the brand value of the successful living environment of the sector is also significant.

As a country, there is a value like Istanbul. But we can not use this value right now. State and private sector investments should be made to increase the value of Istanbul. The investments such as university, business area, expansion of transportation network will carry the city to a higher point. We should be able to use Istanbul’s cultural, economic, social and architectural richness better.

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