Increase In Property Prices in Turkey Will Continue

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ERA Real Estate Property Coordinator Mustafa Baygan, who points that Turkey has the fastest property price increase among European countries, also states: “ It will continue for the next 15 years. Accordingly, as we always say, the ones who makes investment in real estate property will go on gaining.”

In Turkey, in the position of the breakout star of the world’s market, there is an increase in property prices. According to the ‘2015 Global Housing Prices Index’ which has been broadcasted in the past few days; housing prices in Turkey has increased 18.4 %. Based on the index which includes 55 different countries, Turkey has the first place in the list of the countries which has the highest increases of Europe. New Zealand follows Turkey with 14.2 % and Sweeden has the third place with 12.3 %.

ERA Real Estate Property Turkey’s Coordinator Mustafa Baygan, states the difference in the prices of property between Turkey and the other European Countries while also saying that the increase in property prices will continue to get higher for the next 15 years.

Baygan: “As we always say, these increase rates will go on increasing more and those who will make investment in real estate will continue earning. This information comes from the other valuation organizations located in abroad, not only from us. For instance, Turkey is 10 times cheaper in terms of square meter price when compared to Sweeden. We expect a stability in increase so that we will become the target of foreign investors.”

Baygan also says: “Our people is warm… Our climate is warm… These are good advantages for those who are used to live under strict conditions.”

“Turkey is a kind of champion in real estate property sales and it looks it will continue to do so.”

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