Increase in Rent Wages in Turkey

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Increase in Rent Wages in Turkey

An increase in rental rates in the Istanbul district continues. What are the reasons of this increase? In which district a big increase has happened? The details are in our essay. This increase has naturally happened because of quality of the buildings, transportation projects, renewal of the buildings and increase in population.


This year statistics shows that rent wages have risen up in Fatih mostly. During the 2 months of 2016, the highest increase and growth has been seen in Fatih with the 28 percent when compared the last year. Esenyurt is in the second place with 31 percent increase and then Beylikdüzü is in the third place with 25 percent increase in rental wages.


Rent wages have risen up in Fatih. Most people have preferred to stay in this district especially the people from the Middle Eastern Countries. They preferred this idstrich because of its peace, transportation advantages and the quality of the buildings. While the hisghest increase is in Fatih, the lowes increase with 3 percent is in Maltape. Şişli and Eyüp also has low increase with the percentage of 5 and 8.


This year rent wages have risen up in Fatih mostly because of its location and renovation projects. In the future, particularly with the advent of transport experts are expecting a significant increase in housing prices in some regions of Turkey.  Especially this increase will happen in Kağıthane, Eskişehir Batıkent, Kadıköy Fikirtepe, Bursa Nilüfer, Ankara Keçiören.


As you can see some factors effect the increase in rent and housing wages vitally. If you are living a crowded city, especially the transportation and the peacefulness of the district you live in are the most important things you want to have. Don’t hesitate while choosing you living area and think most of the possibilities and hardships.

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