Increased by 81.1 Percent in Home Sales

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Mahmut Akdağ shared housing sales data of TUIK in April. In Erzurum, housing sales increased by 81.1 percent compared to April 2016 and by 44.06 percent compared to January-April 2016. Urban transformation was the most influential factor in the increase in housing sales.


Aprıl Sales In Aprıl, Erzurum

In Erzurum, 244 mortgages were sold in April, and 564 in other ways, selling 808 houses in total. By the month of April 2016, mortgaged residential sales increased by 74.28 percent, housing sales by other ways were 45.74 percent, and total sales increased by 81.1 percent. In April 2016, 140 mortgages and 306 houses in other ways were sold, 446 houses in total.


January-Aprıl Perıod Housıng Sales

In the 4-month period covering January-April of this year; 914 mortgages, 1,780 other ways to sell a total of 2,694 dwelling. When compared to the previous year, mortgaged home sales increased by 75.76 percent and home sales in other ways increased by 31.8 percent. During the same period of the previous year, 520 mortgages and 1,350 in other ways sold 1,870 homes.


Fırst Sales

The number of houses sold for the first time in Turkey increased by 10.8 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and this number is 51,988. The first sale in total housing sales was 45.4 percent. During the first sales, Istanbul had the highest share with 9,380 houses and 18 percent, followed by İzmir with 5,206 houses sold in Istanbul and 2,872 houses sold in Ankara.

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